Household Downsizing & Estate Disposition

We handle the logistics, so all you inherit are the proceeds.

Moira Gehring

Moira Gehring

Whether you are liquidating an entire estate, downsizing, or have property in storage, our six-step process ensures that each item is closely inspected and evaluated, facilitating its appropriate disposition.

We provide you with expertise and the highest level of personal service, taking great pride in our responsiveness to the unique requirements of each situation.


Personal Possessions & Tangible Assets

Inventory | Appraise | Distribute | Sell Smart
Donate | Move Out

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Real Estate Staging

Repairs & Remediation | Deep Cleaning
Furnishing & Decor | Landscaping

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Estate Sales

We always have an interesting collection of items for sale. 

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with Less


I have asked Moving Through to help a few of my clients in the past year.  I have been very satisfied with the level of the work done by Moving Through, and my clients have been delighted.  Moving Through offers both the expertise needed for valuable collections as well as the organizational savvy to help sift through and organize as well as sell items that often have emotional value and involve complicated family relationships.

Nell Graham Sale, Esq., Pregenzer Baysinger Wideman & Sale, PC

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